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(a) Merit-cum-Means Scholarships are awarded to 10% of the total strength of students in each class at the rate of Rs.250/- per month for 10 months [G O. (Ms.) 459/2022/H.Edn. dated 19/09/2022 These scholarships will be sanctioned by concerned Regional Joint Director /Director of Technical Education.

(b) The Students for award of MCM scholarships will be selected on the basis of merit-cum-means.

(i) Assessing the marks for merits on the basis of top mark secured in the total mark of the Half Yearly Examination for the first year(8th standard) students. For the 2nd year and 3rd year student's top secured in the total mark obtained in the Annual Examination of the I year and annual examination of the second year respectively for calculation of merit. If there is a tie in the total score lower annual income of guardians/parents will be considered. The minimum of 50% score in the qualifying examination is necessary for 2nd and 3rd year and of the total score of the half-yearly examination for lst year.

(ii)The annual income of the guardian/parent of students should not be exceed Rs. 1,00,000. The income certificate should be obtained in the prescribed form the competent revenue authorities and produced along with application.

(iii)The Head of institution will obtain student the application from eligible in the prescribed application form along with the income certificates from 2nd and 3rd year students and forward them to the concerned Regional Directors/Director of Technical Education (in the case of Southerm Region only) within the one month from the date of re-opening of institution after the midsummer vacation. The application in the case of Ist year students should be forwarded within 45 days after the half yearly examination. The application and income certificate should be scrutinized by Head of Institutions and forwarded with specific recommendation along with a statement in the prescribed form.

(iv)The award of scholarsh1p once made will enable till the completion of studies in the respective class subject to satisfactory progress, good conduct and regular attendance. The scholarship shall however be allowed only for one year for each class.

(v)Students.who are .in receipt of scholarship concessions under any other scheme + shall not be given scholarsh1p under this scheme. However if the scholarship under any other scheme is beneficial in the case of a student, he will have the option to accept the one which is more beneficial to him.

(vi)The scholarships will be drawn and disbursed by the Head of Institution concerned. The payment will be effected for 10 months.

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