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By: X. Seruk, M.B.A., M.D.

Clinical Director, State University of New York Downstate Medical Center College of Medicine

While you will be asked to sign this form erectile dysfunction zocor cheap malegra fxt plus online amex, this form will not be linked to your survey responses and you will not be identified in any reports on this study erectile dysfunction caused by lack of sleep order discount malegra fxt plus. The records of your responses will be kept confidential to the extent provided by federal erectile dysfunction reddit buy 160 mg malegra fxt plus amex, state and local law. The results of this study may result in your health care provider recommending that you seek support from other patients with diabetes if you should need it. As a token of our appreciation for your 272 participation in this study, you will receive a gift certificate valued up to $10 for a local grocery or pharmacy to be used as you desire. If you have any questions regarding the questionnaire or you feel confused by the questions, please either write down your comments on the questionnaire, or talk to me directly about your concerns. If you have questions or concerns about this study or feel that the study has caused you any harm, please contact Angela Hagan, at the Department of Clinical, Social and Administrative Sciences, 734615-8676 or Dr. I have discussed this study, its risks and potential benefits, and my other choices with. I understand that if I have more questions or concerns about the study or my participation as a research subject, I may contact one of the people listed above. I understand that I will receive a copy of this form at the time I sign it and later upon request. I understand that if my ability to consent for myself changes, either I or my legal representative may be asked to re‐consent prior to my continued participation in this study. For each item, please tell us how strongly the item describes how you feel about having diabetes. On a scale of 1: does not describe me at all 3: describes me moderatly well 5: describes me very well I believe there is nothing wrong with me I am certain that my diabetes will be cured I feel hopeful despite my diabetes I believe that my diabetes will go away by itself I feel that there is nothing I can do to help myself My diabetes must be a punishment for something I did in the past I am embarrassed or ashamed about having diabetes When I look at other people in good health, I get envious I blame myself for having diabetes I am worried about my diabetes I am angry about my diabetes I feel that nothing will ever be the same again My diabetes makes me feel lonely at times, even when I am with others 275 For each of the following questions, please tell us how strongly the item describes how you feel about the impact of diabetes on your life. I realize that diabetes is a part of me, but I do not let it interfere with my life. For each of the following items that mention things that are associated with diabetes, please indicate to what degree you agree or disagree. On a scale of 1: not at all 2: a very little bit 3: somewhat 4: moderately 5: quite a bit 6: very much 7: totally To what extent do you believe that diabetes can be controlled by monitoring blood glucose levels? To what extent do you believe that diabetes can be controlled by eating healthy foods? To what extent do you believe that diabetes can be controlled by avoiding certain foods? To what extent do you believe that diabetes can be controlled by physical exercise? How much does your family and friends accept you as a person with type 2 diabetes? For each of the following individuals, please rate the extent to which each individual assists you in caring for your diabetes. On a scale of 1: does not apply 2: not at all 4: moderately 6: considerably Spouse or significant other Children Other family Friends Paid helper Doctor Nurse Pharmacist Other person Other person (Please specify) 277 For the following individuals, please rate the extent to which your type 2 diabetes affects your relationships with each individual. On a scale of 1: does not apply 2: not at all 4: moderately 6: considerably Spouse or significant other Children Other family Care providers (doctor, nurse, pharmacist, etc. On a scale of 1:not at all 3: moderately 5: considerably Meeting work responsibilities Meeting household responsibilities Traveling as much as you want Being as active as you desire Having good relationships with people that are important to you Keeping a schedule you desire] Spending time with your family and friends Having enough alone time Do you wear or carry some kind of diabetes identification?

If there is structural erectile dysfunction rings purchase malegra fxt plus 160 mg online, metabolic or toxic insult of diffuse nature to these structures results in alteration of conscious level of different degree erectile dysfunction doctor in phoenix generic malegra fxt plus 160mg without a prescription. Autonomic functions are relatively well maintained erectile dysfunction jokes generic 160mg malegra fxt plus, and a sleep-wake cycle exists. The loss of consciousness in such patients is diffuse bilateral hemispheric impairment, and such patients have normal brainstem function. Some of the causes include :515 Internal Medicine • Metabolic disturbances such as : hepatic encephalopathy,uremic encephalopathy,hypoglycemia, diabetic ketoacidosis. Diseases that cause focal neurologic deficit: these disorders cause coma by affecting the reticular activating system. Establishment of cause of coma: is done by taking a careful history, doing rapid but through physical examination and investigations. Patient History: Past medical history: looking for disease like diabetes, hypertension, cirrhosis, chronic renal disease, malignancies and other diseases. Level of consciousness: can be assessed semi quantitatively using the Glasgow coma Scale. Brain stem reflexes Assessment of brainstem functions helps to localize the cause of coma. This can be done using brain stem reflexes including, pupillary light response, ocular movements, corneal reflex and the respiratory pattern. If the brainstem functions are normal, coma must be ascribed to bilateral hemispherical disease. During examination size, shape, symmetry and reaction to light should be noted on both eyes. Occulocephalic reflex Oculocephalic reflex is elicited by moving the head from side to side or vertically with eyes held open. In comatose patient with intact brainstem o If the eyeballs move to the opposite direction of the head movementÆintact brainstem function (“doll’s eyes” movement is positive. Caloric (occulovestibular) reflex o This test is performed by irrigating the ear with ice (cold) to stimulate the vestibular apparatus. It is lost if the reflex connections between the fifth (afferent) and the seventh (efferent) cranial nerves within the pons are damaged. Motor function /response Posture of the patient: o Quadriparesis and flaccidity: suggest pontine or medullary damage o Decorticate posturing: flexion of the elbows and the wrists with supination of the arms, and extension of the legs, suggests severe bilateral or unilateral hemispheric or diencephalic lesion (damage above the midbrain. Differential Diagnosis: Psychogenic Coma (hysteric coma): patient often has history of psychiatric illness, and non physiologic response on physical examination. Management Ideally the, care of comatose patient is started together with the initial assessment to identify the etiology. This treatment is given if hypoglycemia is even remote possibility, and thiamine is given with glucose in order to avoid eliciting Wernicke disease in malnourished o Naloxone(0. Seizure and Epilepsy Learning objectives: at the end of this lesson the student will be able to: 1. Definition: Seizure is a paroxysmal event due to abnormal excessive discharge of cerebral neurons. Depending on the distribution of the discharge, the manifestations may be: • Motor • Sensory • Autonomic or • Psychiatric manifestation. Epilepsy – is a syndrome characterized by recurrent (two or more) unprovoked seizure attacks, due to a chronic, underlying process in the brain. This definition implies that a person with a single seizure, or recurrent seizures due to correctable or avoidable circumstances, does not necessarily have epilepsy. International classification of seizures: Epileptic seizures can be classified in many different ways. Commonly used classification is the one developed by International League against Epilepsy.

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Do periodic sampling and quality assessment of water and immediately notify to the concerned authority when it is found to be dangerous to health 3 erectile dysfunction 2015 buy cheapest malegra fxt plus. Give health education to the community low cost erectile dysfunction drugs purchase malegra fxt plus 160 mg with visa, families and the individual to bring about behavioral changes 4 impotence of organic origin icd 9 discount 160 mg malegra fxt plus with visa. Collaborate with other sectors to design and implement effective preventive and control measures for intestinal parasitosis. Ask food handlers to have periodic medical check up and stool examination and get health certification as a requirement. Parasitology for health Sciences students, lecture note series, Debub University, 2004. Park’s text book of preventive and social medicine; M/s Bandarsidas, Bhanot Publishers, Jabalpur, India. Diabetic Embryopathy  Incidence 6-10% (vs 3% in general pop)  Related to HbA1c Anomaly Risk Ratio Percent Risk Cardiac Defects 18x 8. Severe Iodine deficiency Cretinism Neurologic formNeurologic form  Mental deficiencyMental deficiency  DeafnessDeafness  Motor disordersMotor disorders Myxedematous formMyxedematous form  Less mental deficiencyLess mental deficiency  Severe growthSevere growth retardationretardation Myxedematous endemic cretinism in the Democratic  Delayed sexualDelayed sexual Republic of Congo : Four inhabitants aged 15-20 years : a normal male and three females with severe longstanding Male from Ecuador about 40 years old,Male from Ecuador about 40 years old, hypothyroidism with dwarfism, retarded sexual deaf-mute, unable to stand or walk. Use of maturationmaturation development, puffy features, dry skin and hair and severe the hands was strikingly spared, despitethe hands was strikingly spared, despite mental retardation. Maternal thyroid deficiency during pregnancy and subsequent neuropsychological development of the child. This is psychological issues and particularly useful in a research relationship dysfunction. It is setting but these instruments therefore imperative that the are now increasingly being history and examination are used in day-to-day practice. Clinical assessment therefore History aims to determine the extent of the impairment on quality of life Urinary Symptoms and thereby institute the most appropriate route of investigation Frequency and management. Normal Clinicians use the traditional frequency is considered to be approach of history and between four and seven voids a examination. This varies with the age Urgency Incontinence of the woman, with an increase Here, the women describes the reported in woman above the age symptoms of urgency and she is of 70 years where normal would unable to get to the toilet in time be considered to be twice at night, and develops incontinence as a three times for women over 80 result. Determining the severity of Incontinence Incontinence It is important to make a clinical Symptoms of Urinary Incontinence attempt to determine the severity are notoriously diffcult to of the incontinence symptoms. The International woman could be asked to quantify Continence Society defnes the symptoms on a scale of 0 to this as the “involuntary loss I0. The Urinary urgency number of incontinence episodes This is the compelling desire to per day can also be indicative of void which is diffcult to defer. It must be differentiated from urinary urge which is a normal Symptoms of voiding desire to void which can be dysfunction 4 These symptoms are not as common in women as in men Prolapse symptoms but if present, should prompt Women with prolapse have a the appropriate investigation of broad range of symptoms. Most women • Straining to void will complain of a bulge or a lump, • Incomplete Emptying whilst others will describe either • PostMicturition dribbling discomfort or a burning sensation. Pain that is Evaluation and questioning relieved with passing urine may regarding bowel symptoms is an be associated with Interstitial essential part of the evaluation of Cystitis/ Painful Bladder Syndrome. Women with pain as a signifcant symptom should be evaluated Anal Incontinence with cystoscopy and biopsy since This is the involuntary passage of pain may also be associated with fatus. Faecal Incontinence Urethral Pain This is defned as the involuntary This may be associated with passage of liquid or solid stool. This should be quantifed by asking the women about the frequency, Haematuria severity, use of continence aids Women with urinary symptoms and impact on quality of life. Medications A note should be made of Defaecatory dysfunction medications that may be Women should be asked about worsening the symptoms, including any diffculty in completing diuretics and alpha –blockers. Medical History Diabetes Mellitis and Insipidus are Constipation usually associated with polyuria. A record should be made of Cardiac failure can present frequency of stools and any with nocturia as a result of the symptom of constipation.

malegra fxt plus 160mg amex

Stock information systems are most effective when updated immediately upon ordering and receipt of vaccines and at the end of clinical sessions where vaccines have been administered erectile dysfunction in early age purchase malegra fxt plus 160mg otc. Expired vaccines Any out-of-date stock should be clearly labelled erectile dysfunction cancer cheap 160mg malegra fxt plus fast delivery, removed from the refrigerator immediately and disposed of according to local policies erectile dysfunction treatment shots discount generic malegra fxt plus uk. If this does occur, it should be reported to the relevant provider or commissioning organisation immediately, using the local untoward incident reporting procedure. Expert advice should be sought – it is often necessary to re-administer the vaccine dose. The local health protection team or immunisation lead will be able to provide or direct to the relevant expert advice. In this instance, a letter from the manufacturer or supplier should be sent or accompany the product to indicate that the expiry date has been extended – stock accompanied by such literature should not be destroyed. Damaged vaccines Where the vial or syringe containing the vaccine, diluent or the immunoglobulin is damaged or not intact, the vaccine should not be used. These should be removed from use immediately, labelled as damaged and either disposed of according to the local policy or reported as a product defect. Importance of the cold chain the ‘cold chain’ is a term used to describe the cold temperature conditions in which certain products need to be kept during storage and distribution (Figure 3. Maintaining the cold chain ensures that vaccines are transported and stored according to the manufacturer’s recommended temperature range of +2˚C to +8˚C until the point of administration. This causes deterioration of vaccines and may give rise to a loss of potency and an increase in reactogenicity by: ●● irreversibly denaturing the proteins in the vaccine ●● causing the emulsions in the vaccines to become unstable ●● producing hairline cracks in the ampoule/vial/pre-filled syringe, potentially contaminating the contents. The glass spicules (small sharp pointed fragments) produced may also cause serious local adverse reactions. Storage of vaccines and immunoglobulins Storage of vaccines Vaccine effectiveness can not be guaranteed unless the vaccine has been stored correctly. Vaccines should be stored in the original packaging, retaining batch numbers and expiry dates. Within the refrigerator, sufficient space around the vaccine packages should be left for air to circulate. Vaccines should be kept away from the side and back walls of the refrigerator; otherwise the vaccines may freeze rendering them inactive and unusable. Green Book Chapter 3 v2_1 26 Storage, distribution and disposal of vaccines Examples of good practice include: ●● aiming for +5°C, the midpoint in the +2°C to +8°C range ●● designating areas within the refrigerator for different vaccines so that all staff know where specific vaccines are stored. Glass doors or labels on the outside of fridges can reduce the time the door needs to be open, and ●● rotating vaccine stocks within the refrigerator so that those with shorter expiry dates are at the front and used first Storage of reconstituted vaccines For some vaccines, there is a need to reconstitute the vaccine using a diluent. Generally, it is not good practice to reconstitute vaccines in advance, although in some cases, such as using multi-dose vials, it can be considered. If a vaccine is reconstituted but not used immediately, it is good practice to label the vaccine with date and time of reconstitution and the initials of the person reconstituting the vaccine. Storage of immunoglobulins Immunoglobulins should be stored in the original packaging, retaining batch numbers and expiry dates. Although these products have a tolerance to ambient temperatures (up to 25˚C) for up to one week, they should be refrigerated immediately on receipt. See Chapters 17 (Hepatitis A), 18 (Hepatitis B), 21 (Measles), 27 Rabies and 34 (Varicella) for specific information about administering immunoglobulins. Storage by patients or parents/carers Patients or parents/carers should not normally be asked to store vaccines or immunoglobulins.


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