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Department Circulars


Utilization of accumulated amount in PD Account in Government Engineering Colleges and Polytechnic Colleges . See Circular

Circular regarding the use of Khadi Clothes

Circular regarding Martyrs Day

Acquisition and disposal of immovable property submission of annual returns for the year 2012 . See Circular

 Final Gradation List of Workshop Instructor & equated categories during the period from 01.01.2005 to 31.12.2009 . See Circular and List


Proposed Indefinite strike of State Government Employees and Teachers from 08.01.2013 - Measures to deal with - Reg . See Circular

Final Gradation List of Junior Superintendent / Chief Accountant / Technical Store Keeper for the period form 01.01.2011 to 31.12.2011 . See Circular and List

Filling up of vacancies of Demon /WI/Instructor Gr II in Electrical Engg by promoting T.I. Proforma & Circular No.EC4/38588/09/DTE dated 04/12/2009.

Filling up of vacancies of Demon /WI/Instructor Gr II in Electronics Engg by promoting T.I. Proforma & Circular No.EC4/43124/09/DTE dated 03/12/2009

Filling up of vacancies of Demon /WI/Instructor Gr II in Computer Engg by promoting T.I. Proforma & Circular No.EC4/43123/09/DTE dated 03/12/2009

Seniority list for promotion to the post of Workshop Instructor in Electronics

The List of Teachers placed in senior scale and revised condition for grant of Placement in Senior Scale/ Selection grade

Biodata (along with Circular)for preperation of Gradation & Seniority Lists of LD Clerks in accordance with District wise Recruitment rules

Preperation of gradation list of LDC (Circular No.EG3/32139/2006 dated 29.3.2007.) and the performa to be filled in

Circular reg forwading details of WI/ demonstrator/ instructor gr II/ TI gr I in Mechanical Engg demonstrator

List of pending applications for placement in Senior scale/selection Grade (Lecturer) for want of service Details

State Cleansing Campaign - Cleaning of Govt offices and public places - rating regarding- see circular public

Documents to be submitted along with application for Sanction / NOC for starting new courses and increase in intake for unaided colleges (2009-10) see Circular L1/30261/09
QIP programme 2009-10 Selection of Mtech / 60days contact programme (circular & form 1, form 2 Govt colleges) and (circular & form 1, form2, form 3 Aided Colleges)
Details Regarding additional STTPs byNITTTR Kolkata (2009-10) (see circular No. L2/24653/2009)