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The Research Park (TREST) was established to enhance Industry-Institute interaction and to promote fundamental and applied research. The TREST Park is modelled in similar lines to Techno Park, but by giving emphasis to research rather than commercial activities. The concept is to encourage industries to establish their research centre in the Research Park and utilize the laboratory facilities and the expertise of faculty and students for industry oriented research. The activities for establishing the research park has already started.

The Research Park will come up at College of Engineering Trivandrum. It was proposed to create a built-up area of 1.2lakh square feet, for establishing the research centres of various companies with an initial investment of Rs. 50 crores. An area of 10000 sq ft area is already made available in the campus till the completion of the first phase of the project.

This Research Park will provide facility for incubating early stage entrepreneurial ventures based on technology and innovation.


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