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Technical Committee:Evaluation of IT Proposals in Higer Education

Technical Committee for Evaluation & Vetting IT Proposals in Higher Education Department

(vide G.O.(Rt) No. 1451/2019/HEDN dated 16/08/2019)

Duties & Responsibilities: Evaluation and vetting the IT proposals in Higher Education Department vide Government Order G.O.(Rt) No.18/2017/ITD dated 23.07.2017


  1. Dr. Ciza Thomas, Joint Director, Directorate of Technical Education – Chair person

  2. Representative of Director of Collegiate Education – Member

  3. Representative of KSITM/SeMT as nominated by Director, IT Mission – Member

  4. Prof. Balu John, Associate Professor (Department of Computer Science & Engineering), GEC Palakkad, Sreekrishnapuram – Member

  5. Mr. Rakesh P.S, Lecturer in Fine Arts, NISH, Thiruvananthapuram – Member

  6. Mr. Vigil Kumar V.V, Head (IT), ASAP, Thiruvananthapuram – Member


Meetings conducted:

Sl  No   Date of Technical Commitee  View MOM
1 17-08-2019  
2 06-09-2019
3 04-10-2019
4 15-10-2019
5 12-11-2019
6 21-12-2019
7 06-02-2020


Next Meeting:

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Related Government Orders & Circulars:

  1. G.O.(Rt) No. 1451/2019/HEDN dated 16/08/2019 : Higher Education - Technical Committee Revised Order
  2. G.O.(Rt) No. 684/2019/HEDN dated 30/04/2019 : Higher Education - Technical Committee constituted - Order
  3. G.O.(Ms) No. 18/2017/ITD dated 23/07/2017: Guidelines for IT purchase - Order
  4. Letter No. J1/41/2019/HEDN dated 03/09/2019 - Technical Committee (IT Purchase) Meeting intimation"  in related Orders


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