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Transportation Research Centre (TRC)

 The Transportation Engineering Research Center (TRC) was started functioning during 2012-2013 in the Civil Engineering Department at College of Engineering, Trivandrum. The TRC emphasizes on applied research and technology transfer to enhance knowledge in the field of transportation and to solve transportation problems encountered by transportation sector.

The prime objective of the centre is to provide better transportation system Kerala through efficiency in the use of resources, an enhanced environment including townscape and safety, economic regeneration and practicability including financial feasibility. The specific objectives of this research centre are as follows:-

  • To conduct research relating to highway materials

  • To develop good maintenance and construction practices

  • To evaluate the performance of the pavements

  • To develop accident prediction models and to develop a comprehensive methodology to identify the hot spots along the network

  • Develop a data base to support the development of codes, guidelines, standards and manual for sustainable infrastructure development

  • To develop or suggest traffic management measures and practices for effective utilisation of available road facilities

  • Promotion of regional level consultancies

  • To equip the faculty by giving training in India and abroad to keep abreast with the latest developments in the relevant fields

  • To conduct training programme and short term courses for the practising engineers and academicians to transfer the research output for implementation in the field and thus improve the industry-institute interaction

  • To offer research fellowships for activities coming under the scope of the centre

To achieve this, the TRC instigated research works in the fields of :

  • Pavement materials and characterization

  • Pavement engineering

  • Traffic and transportation engineering

  • Transportation planning and economics

During 2012-13 ten projects had been undertaken through TRC under the supervision of the faculty from the Transportation Engineering Division. In order to conduct high quality research in the field of transportation, TRC has undertaken renovation of Transportation Engineering Laboratory with state of the art equipments and reference materials.


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