The SITTR, State Institute of Technical Teachers Training & Research (formerly Curriculum Development centre)is the only centre of its kind established by the Govt. of Kerala in 1990 under the Technical Education Department for endorsing Technical Education in the state, particularly, for the up gradation of Polytechnic Colleges through regular curriculum revision, its effective implementation, the associated training of educators, academic monitoring, development of learning materials and lab manuals . It is situated in its own campus at Kalamassery in Ernakulam District, and continuous to function as the flag ship centre in this arena.

SITTTR extended its mission to other institutions such as Government Commercial Institute (GCI), Government Fashion Design Institutes, Technical High Schools(THS),institute offering Certificate Courses such as Fire and Safety, Printing Technology and so on . The curriculum Development , Training related to its implementations of these institutions and framing of rules and regulations as per the change scenario in the Technical Education sector were taken up by the SITTTR.

The web-based on line system developed by SITTTR for conducting the admission process of Polytechnic Colleges in an online manner, made it utmost effective and transparent. It was conceptualised by a staff member with in the Polytechnic community itself and has successfully implemented by SITTTR. The program developed could be replicated for other departments as well.

In addition the SITTTR has been involved in the preparation of useful learning materials as well as conducting regular training programmes for the faculty. Accordingly a Trainer’s manual was developed indigenously by the SITTTR, keeping in mind the social and cultural structure of Kerala. Training, an indispensible part of improving teaching effectiveness, has given its due importance by the department. Polytechnic faculty are trained mainly by the Curriculum Development Centre at Kalamassery and the National Technical Teachers Training and Research Centre at Chennai and its extension centres at Kalamassery, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Culcutta and Bengaluru. Training was given in recent development on specific subject areas as well as administration, automation, management and Professional development areas. Details of Faculty trained are as follows:


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Padmavilasom Street, FORT P.O Mon  To  Sat  10 AM to  5PM
Thiruvananthapuram Second Saturday Holiday
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Phone No: 0471-2451200.  
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